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Title 1 Reading

Title I is a federally funded supplemental program to improve student achievement. Students receive instruction on an individual basis through the first grade Reading Recovery Program and in small groups at other grade levels.

2022-2023 Parent Agreement/Involvement Policy | Parent-School Compact | Parents Right to Know

Karen Allison

Director of Student Services
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Administrative Assistant
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Parent Involvement Requirements

Parent Involvement Policy

Each district with a Title I program must have a parent involvement policy that is jointly developed with, agreed upon, and distributed to parents of participating children. The policy must be on file in the district. This policy need not be school board approved. A copy of the Parent Involvement Policy, with the current date, must be sent to the State Title I office by September 15 each year.

Parent-School Compact

A parent-school compact must be provided to every parent in a School-wide program and to Title I parents in Targeted Assistance programs. The federal law does not require a parent signature. However, effort should be made to encourage parents be supportive and sign the compact. Schools operating a Targeted Assistance program may choose to use the parent-school compact with all students. A copy of the Parent Involvement Policy, with the current date, must be sent to the State Title I office by September 15 each year.

Annual Title I Parent Meeting

An annual Title I parent meeting must be held at a time that will encourage parent attendance. It may be held in conjunction with a school open house or at a separate time. At this meeting, parents should be given the information about Title I and provided the opportunity to give input and feedback regarding the Title I program.

Parent Information & Assistance

Materials and training must be provided in the language of the home whenever possible to help parents work with their children to improve achievement.

Parent Training for Student Academic Success

Assistance must be provided to parents in understanding topics such as local academic standards and assessments, monitoring their child’s progress and how to work with educators to improve academic achievement of their child.

Title I Program Evaluation

School districts must have a system in place for annually evaluating the Title I program and the Parent Involvement components of Title I. Parents and staff must be included in the review process for the purpose of suggesting potential programming needs and/or changes. This evaluation could include parent, staff and administrative surveys pertaining to Title I programming as well as an analysis of student achievement. This is not to be used as an evaluation of the Title I teacher.

Parent Notification

School districts must notify parents of availability of information on professional qualifications of their child’s teachers. School districts must provide timely notice of 4 or more weeks of teaching by a teacher that is not fully qualified. Note: Parent Involvement requirements for Title I programs also apply to all students attending a School-wide Program.