Elementary Counselors

Working with elementary students, staff and families to help ensure that every child graduates college career and citizen ready!



Grant Wood Elementary
(563) 359-8277


Jess VandeStadt

Herbert Hoover Elementary
(563) 332-8636


Kari Pencil

Mark Twain Elementary
(563) 359-8263


Elizabeth Tressel

Neil Armstrong Elementary
(563) 359-8275


Jackie Miller

Paul Norton Elementary
(563) 332-8936

Elementary counselors serve as a student advocate to help students master personal, social, academic, and career awareness skills. We work to ensure that every child graduates college, career, and citizen ready.

Counseling Individuals:

  • Self Referral
  • Teacher/Staff Referral
  • Principal Referral
  • Data Team Referral
  • Parent Referral

Small Groups:

  • Small groups may include the following topics.
  • Anger Management
  • Friendship Skills
  • New Student Support
  • Social Skills
  • Dealing with Grief and Loss

Classroom Curriculum:

  • Comprehensive, developmental curriculum
  • K- 5th bi-weekly lessons
  • Monthly thematic units
  • Lesson focus on student needs
  • Promoting a "College, Career, Citizen- Ready" curriculum, culture, and climate!

Student Groups:

Mentoring Programs:

  • Lunch Pals
  • Shooting Stars

Student Leaders/Leadership Programs
Positive Assets "Umbrella:"

  • Asset Angels
  • After School Program
  • Young Leaders Club
  • Peace Chorus
  • Many other clubs and program support

Parent Contact:

  • Scheduled Conferences
  • Drop-in and Phone Conferences
  • Crisis Support/Resource and Referral
  • IEP/504 Teams
  • PBiS Interventions