Middle School 5th Quarter

Providing academic support, instruction in study skills and fun wellness activities.

Middle school afterschool program graphic

Grades: 6th-8th
Each quarter, three to four students are selected by each grade level house to attend.

Meets: Monday-Thursday

Times: 3-4 p.m.

5th Quarter students are provided with academic support from a program supervisor.

Students that have been a part of 5th Quarter have shown significant academic improvement and have formed positive relationships with the adults that assist in the program.

Each day the students receive a healthy snack. Students assigned to 5th Quarter are required to attend. Their academic progress is closely monitored using Bettendorf Middle School's online grading system.


5th Quarter was introduced in 2003 as Ninth Hour to provide additional academic support to students in need and has continued because of its success. The program is funded through the support of Patrick Stoffers, a Bettendorf High School alumnus, and his wife Patty.