Elementary Afterschool Program

Providing elementary students with academic support as well as opportunities to make social connections with other students, school staff and our community.

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Through the afterschool program students become stronger academically as well as develop social skills, build positive assets and learn about their community.

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Grades: 2nd-4th Grade

Meets: Twice a week

Times: 3:30-4 pm

About the Elem Afterschool Program

Each elementary school's program is supported by three staff members and is designed to assist students with their homework, academic needs, and social interaction activities. All staff members, who directly supervise students, must meet the minimum qualifications, hiring requirements, and procedures for a high quality teacher or instructional aide in the Bettendorf Community School District. Elementary principals ensure that each program does not exceed 20 students.

Elementary teacher working with student

The program enrollment requires teacher recommendation for students. During the first quarter, 20 students are recommended for each elementary program and enrolled with parent permission. Biweekly sessions will begin with a nutritious snack followed by academic and fun social activities. The fun social activities revolve around physical exercise, team sports, guest presentations, or the arts.

In past years, the afterschool program field trips into the community have included visits to a book store, the Festival of Trees, the Children’s Museum, swimming, and bowling.

The afterschool program is aligned with, but not a repeat of, the content of the regular school day or other extended learning opportunities. The staff leading the program communicate with classroom teachers to provide the best possible academic setting for each student. The program anticipates the engagement of young adult volunteers from the community, and parents who want to assist with meaningful student activities.

At this time, the program does not provide transportation for students after each session.


  • Build students' positive assets through interaction with school staff, community and peers while participating in meaningful activities.
  • Maintain regular attendance of students as well as active participation in order to gain maximum benefit from the program.
  • Encourage students to demonstrate positive attitudes toward school and exhibit higher educational aspirations that result in improved school performance including attendance, pro-social behavior, and achievement.
  • Increase parent involvement in the academic lives of the students who participate.
  • Teach students to advocate for his or her ideas, interests, and opinions by providing input to decisions that are made regarding program activities and content.
  • Engage students in a variety of structured and enjoyable learning opportunities that are well-aligned to the school day for the purpose of improving academic performance.
  • Develop students' community awareness through experiences connecting to the arts, recreational activities, and service projects.