Outreach staff meeting with parents

Outreach Program

Home, School & Community Working Together!

Outreach Program services are FREE for families with students enrolled in the Bettendorf Community School District.


Barb Jordan
Outreach Coordinator
Work Cell: (563) 468-3715


Mica Frandsen

Outreach Worker
(563) 726-4572


Holly Shaw

Outreach Worker
(563) 359-3686 ext. 5012


Kelley Smith

Outreach Worker
Work Cell: (563) 468-3714


Shelley Hilton-Cullum

Social Worker
Bettendorf High School
(563) 332-7005


Ashley Sotelo-Ashby

Social Worker
Bettendorf Middle School
(563) 332-7005


Marcy Volkstorf

Edison Academy
(563) 359-9375, ext. 6563


What is an Outreach Worker?

The focus of your Outreach Worker is to work alongside you and with the school to make sure your child can do their best. Outreach Workers are an important part of the educational team. We partner with you and school staff (such as the counselor, nurse, teacher, therapist, and principal) to provide social, emotional, and behavioral support at school and at home.

How are families referred?

Outreach Workers receive referrals from school counselors, administrators, teachers, therapists, and nurses. Then we check with the counselor to see if you are eligible, and reach out to you to see how we can work together. All referrals must go through the School Counselor.


How can the Outreach Program help me?

These are some of the things we can do to help you and your child do your best. If you want help with anything else, please ask us about it!

If you have a disability or personal situation that may affect your participation, or if you speak another language, let us know so we can find the best ways to meet your needs.


  • Empower you to communicate your needs, opinions, expectations, or questions at school meetings, such as an IEP meeting or parent-teacher conference
  • Encourage and give help with regular school attendance
  • Help you understand and support your child’s educational goals
  • Advocate for you in meetings at the school and in the district to help meet your child’s needs in the classroom


  • Support you as you develop and care for your child’s physical, social, and emotional wellbeing
  • Assist you in times of need or crisis with food, clothing, and household items
  • Connect you to agencies and services in the community that fit your needs and help you handle complex systems to use these services successfully
  • Come alongside you and help you find and use positive support systems during times of stress and change


  • Build relationships with the local community by participating in coalitions, partnerships, and other meetings
  • Provide program opportunities for you and your family within the community, such as Family Night Dinners
  • Encourage you and your child to participate in sports, social groups, and volunteer activities at your child’s school and in the community
  • Organize and participate in school supply and food drives throughout the year


What can I expect when I meet with an Outreach Worker?

Outreach Workers can meet with you in your home, at school, or in a place that you choose. We meet where you feel comfortable talking about personal or private information, such as concerns, challenges, or changes that may be affecting you or your child. Visits are usually one hour or less, at a time convenient for you. Your Outreach Worker will listen to you and may be able to help you make a plan to reach your goals. We can suggest resources to help you do your best for yourself and your child.

Outreach Program services are CONFIDENTIAL

Your privacy is very important to us. Outreach Workers share information with other school staff on a need-to-know basis and only in the best interest of your child. We do not share information with anyone outside the school without your permission.

Will Outreach work with my schedule?

Outreach Workers make every effort to meet where and when it is easiest for you, including before or after school or on your lunch break.

How long will I be involved with the Outreach Program?

The goal of the Outreach Program is to work with you until your needs are met. You may meet with your Outreach Worker as often as necessary, whether that’s once a week or once a month. As you meet your goals, your Outreach Worker will become less involved, until you are comfortable ending the relationship. All cases are different and the length of service depends on each family’s needs. It is always your choice to be involved with the Outreach Program.

How do I get in touch with an Outreach Worker?

Please contact your child’s School Counselor to learn more about the Outreach Program. You may also call us directly. See phone numbers above.


Additional Outreach Services

The Bettendorf Community School District partners with many local organizations, civic groups, businesses, and community donors to provide services and opportunities for students. Some of these are offered free to students whose families may not be able to afford them. If you would like to share your student’s meal eligibility status with the Outreach Program for the purpose of being considered for the services below, please check “YES” on the Student Fee Waiver to “Allow my child(ren)’s name and meal eligibility to be shared with Outreach Services”. The Outreach Program can only see your child(ren)’s status with the permission of a parent/guardian. If you have any questions, please contact Barb Jordan, Outreach Coordinator, at outreach@bettendorf.k12.ia.us or 563-468-3715.

  • School Supplies: Eligible students may receive some free supplies
  • Holiday Baskets: Eligible students and families may receive food/gifts for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas
  • Mobile Food Pantry: All families are eligible and may receive reminders from the district
  • Backpacks with Snacks: Eligible students may receive meals/snacks for the weekend
  • Yearbooks: Eligible students may receive free yearbooks
  • Class Shirts: Eligible 8th graders may receive free “class of 20--” shirts
  • Sports Physicals & Equipment: Eligible students may receive free physicals and/or equipment to participate in sports
  • HAVLife Grants: Eligible students may be nominated for grants to participate in music, art, and athletics
  • Summer School: Eligible students may attend Summer School for free
  • Moving to Middle: Eligible 6th graders may attend Moving to Middle for free
  • Parent Link: Eligible 6th-8th graders may receive free clothing/supplies
  • Community Donations: Eligible students may receive financial assistance with activities, clothing, and/or supplies through direct donations from community groups/members