Family Resources

District resources for families during COVID-19

Link to District Counselors

If you or your family experience illness, grief or loss and you need assistance please reach out to your school counselor.

Caregiving During COVID-19
Know the facts, common reactions, how to respond, and when to seek more help. Please consider sharing this video with your families. This training is presented by MBAEA with some content provided by the National Association of School Psychologists. Slides from Training

Grief & Loss


The Outreach Program is always available to provide one-on-one support to parents and other caregivers so you and your child can do your best. Our role is to help connect families to community resources such as food pantries, mental health services, and financial assistance. We also work closely with school staff to help you communicate your needs and questions. Outreach Workers are used to working through complex systems and finding the right service or support, especially in a crisis. Our community has excellent formal and informal resources that we can guide you through. If you have a disability or personal situation that may affect your participation, please let us know so we can find the best ways to meet your needs.

Outreach Program services are confidential. We share information with other school staff on a need-to-know basis and only in the best interest of your child. We do not share information with anyone outside the school without your permission. If you prefer to work with someone outside the district for community referrals, please contact United Way 211 by dialing 2-1-1 or (563) 355-9900.

Please contact us if we can come alongside you and support your family in any way.
(563) 468-3715

School Nurses

  • COVID-19 for Kids - BCSD Nurses

Social-Emotional Supports

Student Services - Video Series

The Bettendorf Community School District Student Services Team is producing a series of short videos on a variety of topics to help us through the changes with COVID-19

Motivating Your Student
Shelley Hilton-Cullum, Social Worker, Bettendorf High School.

Building Blocks for Managing Stress
Beth Douglas, Counselor, Bettendorf Middle School . May 1, 2020

Building Blocks for Overall Wellness
Elizabeth Tressel, Counselor, Neil Armstrong Elementary. April 24, 2020

Strategies for Helping Adults and Students Deal with Change
Ashley Sotelo-Ashby, Social Worker, Bettendorf Middle School. April 15, 2020