Family News Highlight - Rest and Reset

Family News Highlight - Rest and Reset

Nov 30, 2022

December Highlight - Rest and Reset


  • Did you know that sleep is linked to both physical health and mental health - especially during the teen years? Sleep boosts immunity, and ensures people can function well on a daily basis. For teenagers, sleep is especially critical because they are at an age where they are going through a whole range of physical, social, and developmental changes, all of which depend on enough sleep.

Why it matters

  • Research shows that teenagers need at least eight hours of sleep each night. Without this, they are less able to deal with stressors, such as bullying or social pressures, and run the risk of developing problems such as anxiety and depression. If sleep drops to less than six hours a night, research shows that teens are twice as likely to engage in risky behaviours such as dangerous driving, marijuana, alcohol or tobacco use, risky sexual behavior, and other aggressive or harmful activities. Enough sleep ensures healthy brains and bodies, which create learning brains and bodies!

What we see in schools

  • It's a sluggish time of year coming off break and weeks away from Winter break. Students may feel exhausted from the go, go, go of school, sports, activities, and some from mental health concerns. Visual cues of heads down and slow-moving students to class signaling rest is needed. We are encouraging families to share what good sleep habits look like for students.

What Families Can Do

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