BCSD Received State PIE Award Recognition

BCSD Received State PIE Award Recognition

Sep 30, 2022


State Auditor Rob Sand hand-delivered a pie and certificate to Dr. Michelle Morse, Superintendent, in recognition of BCSD being the runner-up to Best Performing CSD in the 4A Division in the State of Iowa Public Innovations and Efficiencies (PIE) Program.

"It’s all due to the diligent work of our administrators, staff and students to minimize our carbon footprint and maximize the savings we can pass on to our taxpayers," said Dr. Morse. "The District has invested PPEL tax dollars to install LED lighting, which is less expensive than traditional lights. We have worked to monitor our utility usage and communicate with students and staff on switching off lights when not in use. We use timers for our HVAC systems to control heating/cooling costs and perform routine maintenance to keep our systems operating efficiently. The District strives to set a good example for our students with energy conservation and resource management. We are very proud to be good consumers of our limited natural resources and responsibly manage the fiscal resources our taxpayers have given us to serve the students of Bettendorf."

She also thanked Brietta Collier, Director of Finance and Business Services, and Curt Pratt, Director of Operations, for their leadership. "Their consistent focus on innovation, energy efficiency and cost-saving measures, are the reason for our success in minimizing our carbon footprint and maximizing savings for our district."

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