BCSD Employees of the 4th Quarter

BCSD Employees of the 4th Quarter

Jun 04, 2021


Congratulations to Phil Schaefer, Bonnie Thomas and Matt Thompson for being selected as BCSD Employees of the Quarter!

The Employee of the Quarter Award recognizes Bettendorf Community School District staff who inspire exceptional service and attitude. Recipients demonstrate a commitment to their job and/or school involvement above and beyond expectations.

Phil Schaefer

Social Studies Teacher
Bettendorf High School

Phil inspires me every day when I see first-hand how he is able to positively interact with the students in between classes. He is great with names and always has a witty comment that will get even the quietest student to smile or chuckle! He probably doesn't realize that those little interactions may be the only positive interactions that they have with an adult each day.

His positivity and quick wit make him fun to be around . . . students and staff alike! He inspires me be better!!

Bonnie Thomas

1st Grade Teacher
Neil Armstrong Elementary

Bonnie has shown consistent teacher leadership at Neil Armstrong. She is always willing to help out coworkers with whatever they need. She forms lasting relationships with her students that remain in place even after they move beyond first grade. She also goes above and beyond to provide love and care to some our most challenging students. She's quick to recognize which students need a positive adult in their life and she takes on that role in the school building - with both her current and previous students.

Matt Thompson

Special Education Teacher
Bettendorf Middle School

I don't know if I've ever met - yet alone worked with - a more selfless person than Matt Thompson. Matt is one of those rare people who takes true pleasure in raising others. Often, Matt's accomplishments go unnoticed because he is so busy being a cheerleader for his coworkers. But those of us who work with him know what a truly dynamic teacher Matt is.

If you spend a few minutes talking to Matt, you will no doubt see his unending dedication. Matt works tirelessly to better his own practices. He is a mentor and advocates for some of the toughest kids our district has to offer, and REFUSES to give up on them. I can truly say Matt Thompson is one of the finest teachers I have ever had the pleasure of working with!

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