Bett, PV & NS Revenue Purpose Statement Votes on March 2nd Ballot

Bett, PV & NS Revenue Purpose Statement Votes on March 2nd Ballot

Jan 12, 2021

On the Tuesday, March 2, 2021, special election, Bettendorf, North Scott and Pleasant Valley community school district voters will find on their ballot a proposition extending each district’s individual Revenue Purpose Statements through 2051. This is not a property tax or an increase in taxes. It specifies how each district intends to use the funds received from the State one-cent sales tax, known as the Secure an Advanced Vision for Education, or SAVE, fund.

All eligible voters are asked to vote on this proposition. Approval of the Revenue Purpose Statement does not change the statewide penny tax. The proposition defines how each school district is allowed to spend its SAVE dollars. This ballot language directs funds to be spent to build or renovate schools or additions; to address major repairs; to purchase school sites; to furnish and equip buildings (with technology, for example); and to make principal and interest payments for school infrastructure purposes.

“SAVE will allow our school districts to sustain, improve, and expand facilities without increasing property taxes,” said Dr. Michelle Morse, superintendent, Bettendorf Community School District. “Thanks to our community’s support for school facilities in the past, we’ve been able to provide high-quality facilities and technology that meets the needs of current and future students. Approval of the revenue purpose statement allows school districts to borrow against future sales tax revenues to support school infrastructure needs. Without updating our Revenue Purpose Statement, we will be limited to revenue bonds that are callable in 2029 or earlier, which limits our ability for long-range facilities planning.”


  • Allows the districts to maintain the investment their community has made in facilities.
    • Estimated Annual Revenue
      • Bettendorf Community School District - $4,037,315
      • North Scott Community School District - $2,932,535
      • Pleasant Valley Community School District - $4,963,989
  • Facilitates long-range planning and provides a stable revenue source to respond to changing needs.
  • Provides funds to purchase technology and equipment.

In 2019, the Iowa legislature extended the SAVE tax through December 31, 2050. The proposition extends the current district Revenue Purpose statement from its sunset on January 31, 2031, through December 31, 2050, and designates how these funds can be used. Updating the Revenue Purpose Statement allows each district to engage in long-term facility planning with a defined revenue stream and purpose.

If voters do not pass the Revenue Purpose Statement, the money generated by the one-cent sales tax would first be used to reduce any debt service levy, Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL) and Public Education and Recreation Levy (PERL). Only after these levies are reduced can the district use the funds for school infrastructure and any lawful State Penny purpose. This redistribution of revenue severely limits a district’s ability to keep facilities and equipment up to community expectations.

Recent uses of the one-cent sales tax funds by district

Bettendorf Community School District

  • Paul Norton Secure Entrance - August 2020 - $1.1 Million
  • Mark Twain Elementary - February 2020 - $12.9 Million
  • Bettendorf High School HVAC Replacement - July 2019 - $7.0 Million
  • Grant Wood Elementary - August 2018 - $13.2 Million
  • Bettendorf Middle School Addition/Renovation and Tennis Courts - August 2016 - $3.9 Million
  • Bettendorf High School Performing Arts/Commons/Admin/Media Center - July 2013 - $9.9 Million

North Scott Community School District

  • Indoor Practices Facility - June 2020 - $1.2 Million
  • Transportation Facility - June 2020 - $1.5 Million
  • Auditorium Improvements - September 2019 - $3.8 Million
  • High School Buildings Expansion and Renovation - August 2017 - $6.1 Million
  • High School Fitness Center - August 2017 - $3.3 Million
  • Elementary Buildings Expansion and Renovation - June 2015 - $8.6 Million

Pleasant Valley Community School District

  • Forest Grove - May 2021 - $18.3 Million
  • PVHS Building Addition - January 2019 - $21.5 Million
  • Junior High Building Addition - September 2017 - $8.14 Million
  • Pleasant View Building Addition - May 2016 - $1.1 Million
  • Cody Building Additions - September 2017 - $3.8 Million | May 2019 - $1.5 Million
  • Bridgeview Addition - January 2016 - $3.15 Million

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