BCSD Employees of the 2nd Quarter

BCSD Employees of the 2nd Quarter

Jan 13, 2021

Congratulations to Tessa Daily, Mickey Hines and Cristina Zimmerman!

The Employee of the Quarter Award recognizes Bettendorf Community School District staff who inspire exceptional service and attitude. Recipients demonstrate a commitment to their job and/or school involvement above and beyond expectations.


Tessa Daily

Physical Education Teacher
Neil Armstrong & Herbert Hoover

Tessa has been a wonderful addition to the Neil Armstrong and Hoover staff. Her enthusiasm for her job is contagious. Tessa has embraced her first year and done all she can to provide the best opportunity for students both onsite and in the virtual world. Students leave PE smiling and sweating, which is what we always want to see! Tessa works to collaborate with her colleagues and is not afraid to share her thoughts and ideas. Her technology skills have come in handy this year, and no matter what is thrown at her she makes the needed adjustments. She always has the students’ well-being at the forefront. BCSD is very fortunate to have her as part of our team!

Mickey Hines

Physical Education Teacher
Grant Wood Elementary

Mickey has been an extremely positive addition to our Grant Wood team. He has the energy of a classroom of 24 third graders!! As a new teacher to the District, he has well-developed lesson plans and has implemented technology into his instructional routine. He values collaboration with his colleagues as a district PE PLC team as well as with his building level colleagues. Our kids love going to PE. He has embraced our Hybrid Learning Model like a champ. He came to us highly recommended by his cooperating student teacher, as well as by his professors. He has certainly lived up to expectations. He is a dynamic Little Dog that the community of Bettendorf is fortunate to have as a dedicated, student-centered employee!

Cristina Zimmerman

Spanish Teacher
Bettendorf High School

Cristina has been an incredible champion for students. She is laser-focused on providing the best educational experiences and has been balancing tremendous roles in the service of Spanish students.

Cristina has provided stability for both students and staff at a most difficult time. She leads with compassion and cares for others while also maintaining high expectations for student learning and success. She has been instrumental in providing a sense of order for Spanish students while also inspiring her colleagues. She has the admiration of her students, co-workers and supervisors. Our school community is better because of the optimal learning environment Cristina creates and her determination to provide the best experience for all students.

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