Return-to-Learn Meeting Resources (FAQ) & Parent Survey

Return-to-Learn Meeting Resources (FAQ) & Parent Survey

Jul 27, 2020


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BCSD Parents,

Bettendorf Community School District’s goal is to return to school while ensuring the health and safety of our students and staff. We understand that not all students will be able to return for on-site instruction due to health and safety reasons as well as other unique circumstances.

We encourage you to read the District's Return-to-Learn Frequently Asked Questions document as well as review the Return-to-Learn Parent Information Meeting powerpoint before completing this survey. When you answer these questions, think of today’s COVID-19 status, and information found in the District's Return to Learn Frequently Asked Questions document. The survey will close on Thursday, July 30th, at 4 pm.

Your responses to the survey will guide our recommendation to the Board of Education on August 3, 2020, and will help us plan for and provide the appropriate resources for all students. Once the Board of Education takes action at the August 3rd Board meeting, you will receive your 2020-2021 Intent to Return Form. The survey will provide you the opportunity to select the preferred learning model for your student(s).

The survey should take approximately 5 minutes to complete. Thank you again for your patience and understanding as we plan during these uncertain times.

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