BHS Adds Multisensory Room Thanks to SCRA Grant

BHS Adds Multisensory Room Thanks to SCRA Grant

Apr 17, 2020


Due to growth in special education enrollment for the 2019-2020 academic school year at Bettendorf High School, the school identified a need for an additional Multisensory Room. A Multisensory Room allows a specialized space for interventions, to improve academic performance, or support a student’s personal needs for a quiet space. Thanks to a grant of $4,745 from the Scott County Regional Authority, the space was added over the summer near the special education students’ classrooms.

A Bettendorf High School teacher said, “The sensory room has been a great addition to BHS and the special education students that I work with. Students have loved utilizing the futon, weighted blankets, and large fall pillows. Over the short time that we have had the sensory fully up and running, I have had many students gravitate towards using it to get through some long parts of the day. We are thankful for the SCRA Grant Funding that made the sensory possible at BHS.”

More than eighty students took advantage of the new space within the first four months of it being available. The room is also used during Pride Time for sessions organized primarily by the Student Services Department, including sessions for the New Student Support Group, Mentor Program training sessions for students working with elementary students, various counseling-related groups, and a book club.



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