BCSD Employees of the 2nd Quarter

BCSD Employees of the 2nd Quarter

Apr 01, 2020


Andrea Cooper

Vocal Music Teacher
Bettendorf High School

Andrea Cooper brings energy and passion for teaching and learning. Her enthusiasm for vocal music and for young people results in an optimal learning environment for the students in her charge. The growth of the vocal music department and the show choir program has created many opportunities for students to showcase their talents. The pride and joy the students exhibit in the classroom and on the stage is a direct reflection on the positive feedback and coaching Andrea gives them. Andrea's energy and commitment to her students and colleagues is a reflection of her determination and character.

Roxanne Schmertmann

Bettendorf High School

Nursing Services Coordinator

Roxanne Schmertmann carries out her duties in a professional manner and she does so with compassion, care, and empathy. She is welcoming and inviting to students and staff, always ready with a cheerful smile and an encouraging word. Roxanne invests time and energy into the students and staff at BHS but also into the nurses and health initiatives throughout the district. Roxanne gives everything she has to her job and she does so with a cheerful and caring attitude. She is a valued member of our school community and we are fortunate to have such a respected and respectful nurse to care for all of us.

Jessica Stewart

Kindergarten Teacher
Neil Armstrong Elementary

Jessica is a compassionate teacher that works to ensure that her students meet their fullest potential.She sets high expectations for her students in all areas of their schooling and works with them each day to meet these expectations.Jessica has a big heart and is always willing to go the extra mile for her students and coworkers.Jessica is a leader who is willing to step up when asked and will do whatever is needed to ensure that students will get the best education possible.BCSD is very fortunate to have Jessica on staff!

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