Talking with Your Children About COVID-19

Talking with Your Children About COVID-19

Mar 18, 2020

Dear Bettendorf Parents/Guardians,

This letter is intended to be a guide for talking with your children about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and its implications for school and our community. As educators and parents, we know that often our children are consuming information from the media and other children that might not be accurate and can be scary. To help combat bad information and unnecessary fear, the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) has put together some resources parents and educators can use with their children. As professional school counselors, we encourage you to follow the basic guidelines below and explore the provided links for more information and deeper conversations with your children.

Basic guidelines provided by Child Mind Institute (you may click here for further explanations of each guideline):

  • Don’t be afraid to discuss the Coronavirus with your children
  • Be developmentally appropriate
  • Take cues from your child
  • Deal with your own anxiety before having conversations with your children
  • Be reassuring
  • Focus on what you are doing to stay safe
  • Stick to routines (while also adhering to any community health initiatives/instructions)
  • Keep talking and answering questions if your children are asking them

You may also want to look at these links with useful videos and a comic:

We are looking forward to having your children back in school on Monday, April 13!

Thank you,

Bettendorf Community Schools K-12 School Counseling Department

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