Administrative Transfer

When children from one elementary school are transferred to another school within the district due to lack of seats available in the grade needed.

Administrative Transferred Sibling

Administrative Transfer

In certain cases, an elementary school may not be able to accommodate all the children at a certain grade level and remain within class-size guidelines established by the Board of Education (grades K-2, 25 students; and grades 3-5, 27 students). In order to maintain these guidelines, children from one school are transferred to another elementary school within the district - one that has space available in the grade needed.

When children must transfer, volunteers are always the first choice. Children who live near a boundary or parents with child care in another attendance area may wish to transfer. If volunteers are not available, children are assigned to be moved. It is never an easy decision. Every effort is made to keep children at their home schools with brothers and sisters and with neighborhood children. However, if the classes are full, children must be reassigned.