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Enrollment & Registration

Welcome to the Bettendorf Community School District. We thank you for your interest in our district, and we look forward to working with your student and your family.

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2020-2021 Registration

Online registration for the 2020-2021 school year will be open to current parents July 6.
Please complete registration by July 23 to help ensure placement. Current parents will register through their Infinite Campus Parent Portal account.

2020-2021 School Year
School Year Begins - Monday, August 24

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Registration for Returning Families

Parents/legal guardians will be able to access the registration process beginning Monday, July 6, through their Parent Portal account.

Please complete registration by Thursday, July 23, to help ensure placement. To register online through your Infinite Campus Parent Portal account, click the ‘MORE’ link from the black menu on the left. Next, click ‘Online Registration’ in the middle of the screen to begin the process.

Take time now to access your Parent Portal account to verify that the information present is accurate and that you have access to all your students.You cannot register using a student account. If you do not have a Campus Parent Portal account, please contact your building secretary as soon as possible. If you need help with your password, please contact the school building secretary.

Instructions for Shared Housing

If a parent(s) lives with the child in a doubled up situation, the person who is the legal resident of that address (e.g., grandparent or friend) needs to do a Notarized Statement of Residency at the Bettendorf Schools Administration Center, 3311 18th Street.

Please contact Shannon Muckenfuss or Erica Dalburg at the Admin Center (563) 359-3681. You will need to bring photo identification and proof of residency (Mid-American, water or sewer bill, rental agreement, etc). Admin will keep a copy, give one copy to the legal resident, and send the original to the school.


The request for busing is also online! Look for BCSD Transportation Request form.

Free & Reduced Applications/Student Fee Waiver

The Free & Reduced Application is online as well. Access the application through your Parent Portal account. In the left menu bar, select Applications/Forms and then Meals Benefits Application. When completing the application for free or reduced lunch, applicants will be able to select “permission to share” for the Student Fee Waiver which requests consideration for other discounted fees, such as student fees. Eligibility requirements are updated each year; please do not complete the form for the 20-21 school year until after July 8.

If you are not filing a Free & Reduced application but do wish to be considered eligible for other reduced fees, you must complete a separate Student Fee Waiver. The form is available at your school building or online on the district website. Select Services from the top menu bar; then Nutrition Services and Student Fee Waiver.

Fee Payment

Fee payment and registration are two separate actions; you will need to complete both. Fees may be made in your building or, for your convenience, you may pay fees online through RevTrak Debit/CreditCard, E-Check Payment Processing.

Enrollment - News Students

Enrollment Form


Superintendent's Administrative Assistant
(563) 359-3681, ext. 3001

Students New to the District

In order to facilitate enrolling your child in the Bettendorf Community School District, please bring the following items to the school. See which elementary school your student would attend. Due to COVID-19 precautions - please call your school before visiting.

  • Proof of Birth – Child’s birth certificate or other legal document with his/her date of birth, such as a passport or baptismal certificate. Proof of Birth acceptable documentation:
    • Child’s birth certificate
    • Hospital certificate
    • Notarized copy of the child’s birth certificate
    • Child’s valid passport/visa
    • Physician certificate
    • Original baptismal certificate indicating the child’s date of birth
    • Prior school records indicating the date of birth
  • Proof of Residency – May include a utility bill, lease agreement, or an approved offer to purchase or build a home in the district. Families who reside with another family within the district may provide proof of residency by securing a notarized statement from the owner/renter of the residence stating the living arrangement. You can obtain your notary at the Bettendorf Community School District Administration Center, 3311 18th St.
  • Immunization RecordProof of up-to-date immunizations from doctor or former school district.
  • Name, Address, and Phone Number of Previous School District. Parents/guardians will be asked to sign a release for records which the Bettendorf Community School District will fax to the student’s previous district.

The buildings will complete the enrollment process by giving the family an enrollment packet to complete which includes an enrollment form, emergency contact information, and a free and reduced lunch/fees application.

Other information regarding school policy can be found by reviewing Bettendorf Community School District website links to Board policy and each school’s student handbook.


The Bettendorf Community School District has an online registration process. Returning families access the registration through their Campus Parent Portal account. Information about next school year's registration will be sent to parents in June. Registration will be open July through the beginning of August.

Release of Student Information

The school district has designated the following information as directory information: student's name, address and telephone number; date and place of birth; parent(s)/guardian(s) name, grade level, enrollment status, participation in officially recognized activities and sports; weight and height of members of athletic teams; dates of attendance; degrees and awards received; and the most recent previous educational institution attended by the student; photograph and other likeness and other similar information. Additionally, student art, writing, or pictures may be posted and credited on the district’s web pages.

Parents who do not want directory information released about their child . . .

Should fill out the refusal slip available and notify their principal no later than two weeks following the start of the school year. Board Policy 506.2E1

Board Policies:

  • Student Directory Information 506.2
    • Use of Directory Information Regulation 506.2R1
    • Parental Authorization for Releasing Student Directory Information 506.2E