Educating & Empowering Every Student Every Day in Pursuit of Educational Excellence.

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Excellence in Education

The Bettendorf Community School District enjoys a rich tradition of excellence in education. We provide our students a multitude of learning opportunities designed to prepare them for making a living, making a life, and making a difference.

We recognize our students come to us with individual talents and interests. Our highly skilled and dedicated staff is fortunate to teach students who have a desire to be challenged and achieve. They work personally with each student, taking earnest responsibility for helping our community's children realize their educational goals and prepare for their future.

We invite you to visit our schools and our community. See for yourself the great opportunities that abound in the Bettendorf Community School District.

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Educating & Empowering Every Student Every Day in Pursuit of Educational Excellence.
Mission_icon_92.jpg Mission
The mission of the Bettendorf Community School District is to inspire, empower, and unite our students as a community of learners in (their) pursuit of excellence.

District Core Values


We are welcoming to all, and seek to accomplish our goals through collaboration; ensuring the work honors and reflects our diverse voices and values.


Lifelong Learning

We are committed to fostering a culture that sparks curiosity, builds resilience and develops skills in a manner that cultivates a genuine love of learning.



We are respectful and purposeful in our words and actions, so as to honor our responsibility as stewards of education and representatives of our district.



We seek to instill the confidence needed for our students and staff to take initiative, seek understanding, and capitalize on their full potential in pursuit of innovative solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Bettendorf Community School District

The Bettendorf Community School District is a flagship school district established in 1907. The district provides a wide variety of educational programs for nearly 4,700 preschool through 12th grade students.

We personalize learning so that all students are engaged, passionate, and able to connect learning in school to their futures by:

  • Engaging students in robust and dynamic learning experiences inviting exploration, discovery, collaboration, critical thinking and creation
  • Leveraging technology in order to support differentiated instruction
  • Enabling students to set goals and make choices about their futures

The district boundaries include approximately nine square miles of Bettendorf, Iowa as well as a small section of Davenport, Iowa. There are seven schools in the district: five elementary schools, one middle school, one high school with an alternative high school program (shared with Pleasant Valley & North Scott high schools).

Picture of elementary students with books

Elementary Schools

Grant Wood - Herbert Hoover - Mark Twain - Neil Armstrong - Paul Norton

Our elementary curriculum emphasizes literacy, communication, reasoning, and problem solving. Other subjects, including physical education, health, art, and music, are taught to all students K-5. Orchestra is available to students as early as grade 4 and, band - grade 5.

The district’s five elementary schools offer a program dedicated to teaching a defined core of knowledge and skills in reading, math and science.

Picture of Mrs. Kull's 6th grade students under pagoda

Bettendorf Middle School

At Bettendorf Middle School, our teachers work in teams to plan and provide meaningful, relevant learning experiences that require students to meet content area standards and to develop 21st century skills. Through a "house" concept each grade level is divided into multiple sections, allowing teachers and students to develop stronger relationships and to foster a sense of community. Bettendorf Middle School is made up of a team of professionals dedicated to meeting the academic and social needs of the young adolescent.

Picture of Surround Sound music students

Bettendorf High School

Bettendorf High School is a four-year comprehensive, 1:1, high school serving approximately 1,477 9th-12th grade students. The current site of the Bettendorf High School campus opened in 1973. All academic areas of the high school have been renovated with structural and technological updates, creating a state of the art facility. These improvements facilitate unique and comprehensive learning opportunities for all students. The expansive, air conditioned high school features a landscaped inner courtyard, a state of the art planetarium, a spacious library and media center instructional area, 1:1 fully networked computer labs, student commons area, and a state of the art 840 seat performing art center. The athletic/activities facilities include multiple gymnasiums, updated and highlighted athletic field complex, Olympic sized swimming pool, and a fitness/weight training center.

  • 4x4 Block Schedule. Students attend four(4) 90 minute classes each day. Courses are 9 weeks or 18 weeks in length. Students with a block schedule may earn 8 credits per year. Mid-term reports are issued to students each quarter and final grades are given each 9 weeks. BHS also offers year long courses in a 40-minute format.
  • A 4.0 Grade Scale is used with 9-week courses receiving .5 credits, and 18-week courses in which students earn 1.0 credit.