Virtual Backpack Guidelines

The following criteria will apply to all materials submitted for online posting:

  • The organization requesting posting must be a NON-PROFIT or NOT-FOR-PROFIT group based in Bettendorf or its contiguous communities. Distribution of materials for commercial organizations will not be permitted.
  • All activities or information must be appropriate for students. Activities should relate to a school function, event or purpose, or relate to an agency that offers widely appealing recreational program options for students.
  • Activities should not conflict with public tax-supported efforts already in effect.
  • Activities should accommodate a community-wide need and must be significant for the portion of the population served by the boundaries of Bettendorf Community School District.
  • The district will not endorse anything that requires solicitation for local service organizations.
  • As a general rule, all district participation in events involving pledges will be limited to distribution of materials for local service organizations. The district will not participate in collection of money, pledges, etc.
  • Flyers will not be posted more than two months before the event.
  • Application should be made at least ten days prior to the desired distribution date. Your proposed announcement should contain a contact name and phone number for persons who desire further information. If a registration form is included, clearly state where and to whom the form should be returned. The district will not participate in collecting forms or fees.
  • To submit, email the PDF of proposed announcement to Celeste Miller at You will be notified of the status of your request.
  • Suitability and approval are at the discretion of the district. Materials are posted for informational purposes only. This does not imply Bettendorf Community School District’s endorsement of them.
  • The district reserves to right to further limit the number of requests for posting, permit exceptions to the criteria noted above, deny posting rights to individuals or organizations which have demonstrated irresponsibility and permit limited paper copy distribution to students.