School Improvement Advisory Committee

Enhancing the relationship between the school and the community and providing an avenue to get information and identify educational concerns from a different perspective

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School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC)

SIAC is a group appointed by the board and made up of members representing students, parents, teachers, administrators, and representatives from the local community. Its purpose is to enhance the relationship between the school and the community and provides an avenue to get information and identify educational concerns from a different perspective. The committee helps assess district needs and makes recommendations to the school board on major educational needs and district initiatives such as:

  • Major educational needs
  • Student learning goals
  • Long-range and annual improvement goals that include, but are not limited to, the state indicators that address reading, mathematics, and science achievement
  • Desired levels of student performance
  • Progress toward meeting goals
  • Harassment or bullying prevention goals, programs, training, and other initiatives
  • Character education into the educational program

2018-2019 Meetings

Date Topic
Tuesday, Sept. 18 GO Bond for District Facilities

Learn about the district’s upcoming general obligation bond for BCSD facility additions and improvements. GO Bond Petition Flyer | School Finance 101 | Property Taxes |Voter Survey

Tuesday, Jan. 15 Portrait of a Graduate
Portrait of a Graduate is a collective vision of the community's aspirations for all students. It includes a structure that not only provides for the acquisition of rigorous academic content, but also critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, and other 21st century skills. Under the board's direction, the superintendent put together a Portrait of a Graduate Committee which includes various stakeholders within the Bettendorf community. The main purpose of the committee is to provide a strategic direction for the overall educational experiences for our students and the habits of mind that are needed to navigate and thrive in our rapidly changing world. Portrait of a Graduate - Getting Started Guide |Presentation | Selecting and Mapping Student Success (exercise) : Essential Content Knowledge, Transition Skills, Key Learning Skills and Cognitive Strategies, Self-Understanding and Engagement

Tuesday, April 16 Student Achievement

Be part of the discussion about the district Iowa Assessment results, learn about the variety of assessments used by the district as well as how the assessment results are used to help improve the success of students. ISASP Sample Questions | Student Achievement Data


2018-2019 SIAC Committee Members

Paige Anderson Kerensa Good-Bloyd Lisa Miotto
Ronna Braaten Sara Husser
Katie Moeller
Shelia Conrad Jonathan Ikoba
Mike Raso
Heather Dohrn Kay Ingham
Jessica Roisen
Jillian Dotson
Kathrina James
Katie Selden
Anna Dyer Robert Johson Kevin Skillett
Jennifer Edwards
Keith Kimball
Linda Smithson
Kory Esbaum Lana LaSalle
Julie Solomon
Danielle Frank
Melissa Laufenberg
Stacey Struck
Teresa Frecking
Shannon Lepley
Amy Swearingen
Melissa Freidhof-Rodgers
Richard Lynch
Mary Wendel
Scott Gehler Tami Marshall
Teresa Wischmann
Gary Goines Debbie Miller Karla Zweifel