Bett STEM Expo

Interactive, fun and educational science, technology, engineering, and math activities for kids.


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The Bett STEM Expo is an annual event featuring fun and educational science, technology, engineering, and math activities for kids. This year’s event will be Saturday, March 25, from 11 am to 2 pm at Bettendorf Middle School, 2030 Middle Rd, Bettendorf. The event is free and open to all children and their families.

Absolute Science
You'll love the many hands-on experiments at this awesome exhibit, including the foam megablaster and much more!
Did you know 12 bees, in their entire lifetimes, only make 1 tsp of honey? Learn more facts about the fascinating lives of honeybees and the joys of beekeeping with Marlo Belschner!
BHS Science Club
Join the BHS Science and Conservation Clubs to watch a ping pong ball shoot through 3 pop cans and other amazing science experiments!
Birds of Prey
Join Naturalist/Director Dave Murcia of the Wapsi River Center to learn about our natural world of raptors, including live owls and a falcon!
Catatpult & Trebuchet
The Bettendorf Library shares the principles of science through hands-on fun with a catapult and trebuchet!
Chemical Reaction Robots
Join the Putnam Museum and Science Center as we blast off with chemical reaction rockets!
Drawings with Scales and Perspective
Learn how to create building and engineering drawings with scales and perspective with Shive-Hattery.
Electric Music
Prepare to be amazed by River Music Experience and their electric music exhibit.
Learn about Engineering from University of Iowa experts
Experience Manufacturing
Use VR and 3D technologies to tour manufacturing factories with HNI.
Exploring the Heart
Explore the chambers of a pig's heart with Drs. Jill and Andy Lightfoot and learn what makes them tick!
Explore how detectives use forensics to solve crimes with Bettendorf Police Detective Tim Doty
John Deere VR Welding
Try VR welding with John Deer and its amazing virtual reality technology.
Materials Science
This cool exhibit demonstrates what makes materials strong.
Math Puzzles and Logic Mazes
Dive into the fun of tackling math puzzles and logic mazes!
Med Student 101
Meet current medical students from the U Ia Carver College of Medicine and learn what it takes to be a doctor! You'll learn to use a stethoscope & blood pressure cuff, as well as look at real human organs and try your hand at laparoscopic surgery with our simulator!
Andy McCray and the entire Channel 4 weather team will be available to share secrets of weather forecasting!
Oobleck and Mini Bots
Join the Girl Scouts and enjoy these fun activities
St. Ambrose Physical Therapy Obstacle Course
You'll have a lot of fun maneuvering through this amazing physical therapy obstacle course designed by St. Ambrose graduate students.
Physician Assistants
Learn what it takes to be a physician assistant from St. Ambrose PA students!
Physics of a Spiral Pass
Meet the Quad Cities Steamwheelers who will show you how to use physics for the perfect pass!
Reptile Research
Check out Nahant’s collection of snakes and turtles and learn about the research methods used to help protect these cold-blooded creatures.
SAU Chemistry Dept
Try your hand at fun chemistry experiments with chemistry professors from the St. Ambrose Chemistry Department!
Science Applied to Life by 3M
Learn how science applies to life and take home hands-on experiments that teach you how the world is put together.
Seatbelt Convincer
Bettendorf police officers will bring a radar gun for you to see and will explain what happens if you don't wear a seatbelt.
Sensational Seeds
Look at different kinds of seeds and see what makes them unique. Plant your own seeds to take home and see what sprouts!
Spin Art
Come play with color using centrifugal force! You will use markers to blend colors with table-top, hand-operated spin machines.
Storm Water!
Meet The Kids Cleaning Creeks Committee, some fun mascots and learn all about Storm Water and how it impacts you!
Technology of Music
Framed around the electric guitar, learn how sound goes from your hands to the audience with a look at guitar pickups, pedals, and amplifiers.
Transportation on the Mississippi River
Learn how cargo travels on the Mississippi River, how a lock works and the advantages of moving stuff by water. There will be a lock model, cargo comparison activity and small barge display.
BHS U-Bett Robotics Team
Meet these amazing students and find out more about robotics challenges!
Veterinary Science
Meet veterinarians and learn more about what they do to take care of your pets.
Watersheds Work
Watersheds are all around us and an important part of everyday life! Visit the Partners of Scott County Watersheds' exhibit to learn about the wonders of watersheds!
World of Sound
What does Hearing Loss sound like? How well do you lip-read? And Identify famous people with hearing loss. Learn more at Parker Audiology