Bettendorf was recognized by Movoto as #8 in The 10 Safest Places in Iowa.

Many appreciate Iowa for being a really solid place to live. There are excellent schools, the cost of living is lower than in most places in the U.S., and it’s one of the safest states in the country.

The Bettendorf Community

The city of Bettendorf is located along the banks of the Mississippi River in eastern Iowa. As one of the four Quad Cities, Bettendorf is part of a metropolitan area with a population base of over 375,000. Bettendorf is just a 3-hour drive from Chicago.

Bettendorf continues to grow due in part to plentiful land available for new construction, quality schools, a moderate tax rate and exceptional municipal services. Bettendorf is one of the fastest growing communities in Iowa. On average, the residents of Bettendorf have higher educational attainment and household income than state and national averages.


  1. Affordable housing
  2. Excellent schools
  3. Low cost of living
  4. Exceptional entertainment
  5. Mississippi River
  6. Four seasons
  7. Close to major metro areas
  8. Easy to navigate traffic
  9. Friendly people
  10. Quality healthcare options

Business Education Partnership

The Business Education Partnership is a unique partnership involving Bettendorf School District, Pleasant Valley School District and businesses in the Quad City area. The organization is supervised by an executive committee consisting of volunteers from local business, school professionals, and is facilitated by a paid coordinator. Two of it's programs offered in conjunction with local business partners are High School Career Academies and the Excellence in Teaching Institute.

District Leadership Teams

The District Curriculum Leadership Council (DCLC) and building School Improvement Leadership Teams (SILT) also share the results of their work with various stakeholder groups throughout the year including the Bettendorf Board of Education, the Bettendorf School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC), the Bettendorf Parent-Teacher Organizations (PTA/PTO) at the building and district levels, the Chamber of Commerce, Business Education Partnership Advisory Board, district patrons, and various community organizations.

District Safety Committee

The district works with local police, fire, and other emergency services staff to conduct safety audits and facility inspections, prevent and mitigate crisis, forge community relationships before a crisis occurs, reviewing the Crisis Management Plan annually, serve as a sounding board and planning review committee, provide assistance with planning, coordination, and training, and clarify the division of duties in a crisis.

School Improvement Advisory Committee

The School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC) is a group made up of representatives from the community and school district. Its purpose is to enhance the relationship between the school and the community and provides an avenue to get information and identify educational concerns from a different perspective. The committee helps assess district needs and makes recommendations to the school board on major educational needs and district initiatives.


Bettendorf Community School District volunteers serve in all grades and subject areas from preschool through high school. Depending on the teacher and grade level, volunteers might be working with students one-on-one, helping small groups of students, or working with the whole class on a special project or lesson. Contact one of our schools to learn more about volunteer opportunities.