GO Bond

We are working with our BCSD community and residents to consider interest in a GO Bond to help fund Bettendof Middle & High School Projects in the district's 10-year facility master plan.


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Pat Angerer (Class of 2005 & BCSD Parent) talks about giving our students the best opportunity to reach their full potential with neededfacility improvements. #BETTerTogether

Lillie Petersen - Bett GO Bond
Bettendorf High School Senior Lillie Petersen talks about the need for the proposed athletic and classroom GO Bond projects at BHS. #BETTerTogether


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Community Information and Tour Nights
6 pm
Tuesday, Feb. 21- Bettendorf Middle School
Wednesday, Feb. 22 - Bettendorf High School

Facility Master Planning Advisory Committee

The Bettendorf School Board approved a 10-year facility master plan including a phased modernization of the Bettendorf Middle School, and facility improvements at Bettendorf High School, Herbert Hoover Elementary, and Paul Norton Elementary. Board members also directed the district administration to pursue a community vote on a general obligation (GO) bond, as soon as March 2023, to fund the projects at the middle and high schools. The district would use future SAVE (one cent sales tax) revenue and other financial resources to fund the Herbert Hoover and Paul Norton elementary projects. Learn more

Proposed GO Bond & Projects

Some of our students are being taught in classrooms designed for their grandparents or great-grandparents. Much of the infrastructure is in need of replacement. Our students, education, curriculum, and accessibility requirements have also changed over the decades. So should our facilities!

The $69.25M GO Bond would help fund the Bettendorf Middle School and Bettendorf High School projects and add up to $2.70 to homeowners' property tax rates (per $1,00 taxable value). The district would use future SAVE (1 cent sales tax) and PPEL (Physical Plant & Equipment Levy) 20.7% of the high and middle school projects.

At Bettendorf Middle School, the original 1963 classrooms in the core of the building are undersized by today’s standards. The original school infrastructure and mechanical system need sizable updates and improvements to meet the needs of 21st-century learning.

At Bettendorf High School, the original 1975 music classrooms do not meet today’s accessibility standards. The orchestra classroom is currently the stage of the old auditorium. The Career and Technical Education (CTE) classrooms need to be updated and additions constructed. Our activities and athletic spaces are undersized and overscheduled for our students needs, and in comparison to neighboring districts.

Bettendorf Middle School

Phased Modernization

  • Classroom blocks by grade
  • Demolition and rebuild of 1960s building
  • New activities entrance
  • Bleachers addition to gym
  • 400m track w/ center field
  • Major systems upgrades, code/ADA updates and new finishes

Bettendorf High School

Fine Arts Updates

  • Band and choir rooms
  • Instrumental music room

Activities/Athletic Improvements

  • Auxiliary gym addition
  • Additional wrestling room
  • Weight /fitness center

CTE Improvements

  • Health classroom
  • Child development classroom
  • Family and consumer science
  • Advanced manufacturing programs

Proposed Timeline


GO Bond Petition



We, the undersigned, are eligible electors, reside within the School District and petition the Board of Directors of the School District to call a special election to submit to the voters of the School District the following proposition the purpose of which cannot be accomplished within the limit of one and one-quarter percent of the assessed value of the taxable property within the School District:

Shall the Board of Directors of the Bettendorf Community School District in the County of Scott, State of Iowa, be authorized to contract indebtedness and issue General Obligation Bonds in an amount not to exceed $69,250,000 to provide funds to construct, furnish, and equip new educational spaces at the Middle School building and improve the site; to remodel, improve, renovate, repair, furnish and equip, the remaining portions of the Middle School building and to demolish parts of the Middle School building; to construct, expand, renovate, furnish and equip an athletic complex addition including but not limited to: an auxiliary gym, second wrestling room, fitness center, and associated spaces at the high school campus; and to construct, expand, remodel, renovate, improve, furnish and equip the existing Fine Arts and Career and Technical Education spaces at the High School campus?

Potential Tax Impact on Homeowners

As of January 26, 2023

Assessed Value Rollback Taxable Valuation Homestead Credit Net Taxable Valuation Changes per $1,000 Annual Tax Charge Monthly Tax Change
$150,000 56.5% $84,737.85 $4,850 $79,887.85 $2.70 $215.70 $17.97
$200,000 56.5% $112,983.80 $4,850 $108,133.80 $2.70 $291.96 $24.33
$250,000 56.5% $141,229.75 $4,850 $136,379.75 $2.70 $368.23 $30.69
$350,000 56.5% $197,721.65 $4,850 $192,871.65 $2.70 $520.75 $43.40
$500,000 56.5% $282,459.50 $4,850 $277,609.50 $2.70 $749.55 $62.46

Neighboring District Levy Comparison

District FY 23 Levy Rate
Davenport $15.60
Clinton $15.58
Proposed Tax Rate $15.09
DeWitt $13.72
Average Rate $13.66
Pleasant Valley $13.46
Muscatine $13.42
Bettendorf $12.38
North Scott $11.48