2019 District Satisfaction Survey - Results

2019 District Satisfaction Survey - Results

May 15, 2019

Thank you to all who participated in the 2019 District Satisfaction Survey!

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In April, Bettendorf Community School District stakeholders were asked to complete a satisfaction survey to help the district better understand how staff, parents, and community feel about BCSD. Participants were asked to rank responses to a series of questions asking what they like about their school and/or the district. The survey results will be used to improve educational services for our students and guide future planning.

Surveys submitted: 97 community surveys, 482 parent surveys and 357 staff surveys.

2019 Top Ranked Questions
Survey Scale: 1-Strongly Disagree, 2-Disagree, 3-Neutral, 4-Agree, 5-Strongly Agree


  • I respect the district’s teachers (4.1)

Next Highest (3.6) – The district expects quality work of its students. | The district performs well academically. | There is adequate recognition of student success.


  • I respect the school's teachers (4.4)

Next Highest (4.2) – My child knows what his/her teachers expect of him/her. | The school's office staff are welcoming.


  • Quality work is expected of me. (4.4)

Next Highest (4.1) – I feel safe at work. | My administrator/supervisor treats me with respect. | I respect my school's principal (school staff).

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