Portrait of a Graduate Update - April 2019

Portrait of a Graduate Update - April 2019

Apr 24, 2019

What is it?

Last year, the BCSD School Board directed the Superintendent to put together a Career & Technical Education (CTE) committee that would develop a vision and plan for CTE education. The superintendent expended the directive to just not include CTE, but also look at the larger picture. The committee was charged with creating a vision (Portrait of a Graduate) of what the district wants a graduate to look like when they leave us and what type of opportunities the district should provide in order to support their development.

The main purpose of the committee is to provide a strategic direction for the overall educational experiences for students. Structure that not only provides for the acquisition of rigorous academic content, but also fostering critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, and other 21st century skills and habits of mind that are needed to navigate and thrive in our rapidly changing world. The committee will develop the framework (Portrait of a Graduate) that the educational community, in conjunction with community partnerships, will use to guide their work.

Committee members:

Mike Raso (superintendent), Richard Lynch (board member), Stacey Struck (board member), Jillian Dotson (director of curriculum), Anthony Bielski (EICC), Steve Geifman (parent), Jocelyn Kyte (instructional coach), Tammy Chelf (Edison Academy), Kim Rojas (instructional coach), Dan Drexler (teacher), Lorelei Andedo (associate principal), Karensa Good-Bloyd (parent), Kristy Cleppe (associate principal), Karen Allison (principal), Haleigh Hoyt (future ready coach), Scott Gehler (parent), Ken Beck (Terracon), Dylan Hutchison (Edison student), Neveah Morgan (BHS student), Lauren O’Brien (BHS student), Pete Perez (Estes Construction)

What is the process?

Phase 1(Plan):

  • Create a design team
  • Set a timeline for the work to be completed.

Phase 2 (Activate):

  • Convene the design team
  • Use data to study the implications for our educational system in light of the changing economy, workplace and society.

Phase 3 (Create):

  • Draft a set of prioritized competencies
  • Gather input from stakeholders and revises the list based on feedback given
  • Reach consensus on how the portrait will be created.

Phase 4 (Adoption):

  • Submit recommendation for school board adoption
Phase 5 (Measure)
  • Review data to evaluate the process and determine any changes that may be needed

Where are we in the process?

In October 2018, David Ford and Andrea Stewart from the Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency presented College and Career Ready information, including the Bettendorf data to the school board. This presentation laid the foundation of the Portrait of a Graduate work that will continue throughout the year. Andrea Stewart has taken on the role of facilitator as we collaboratively develop the framework for Portrait of a Graduate.

We have successfully worked through Phases 1 and 2 this year, which included reviewing data from multiple sources such as Bureau of Labor Statistics, Iowa Workforce Development, Humanex, and National Research council. Currently, we are in the middle of Phase 3, which is the most time consuming due to having multiple feedback loops to gather input from stakeholders. We will continue the work of Phase 3 until early fall. At that time, we will prepare a recommendation for school board adoption and also develop a communication plan for implementation.

How to be involved?

  • Participate in surveys
  • Attend optional afternoon/evening feedback sessions
  • Provide feedback to a committee member
  • Collaborate with a local business/community group to gather feedback
  • Support the implementation of our Portrait of a Graduate through collaboration with teachers, teacher leaders, and administrators (share ideas for professional learning, planning, design, and rollout)

For more information contact Jillian Dotson, Director of Curriculum - jdotson@bettendorf.k12.ia.us

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