Thank You for Your Patience & Understanding Today

Thank You for Your Patience & Understanding Today

Nov 16, 2018

Thank you all for your patience and understanding today!

As you know, Bettendorf High School received a message yesterday indicating a potential threat at our campus Friday. District and high school administration worked with the Bettendorf Police Department and the FBI to investigate the situation. Both agencies found no credibility to the threat and supported the high school proceeding with school today.

We thank the Bettendorf Police for their prompt involvement and providing additional security on campus during the day to offer a measure of assurance and peace to students, staff and families.

Our district is fortunate to enjoy a close, positive relationship with the Bettendorf Police Department. We have two police liaison officers on staff in the district; Bettendorf High School also has a security guard. Our district staff and administrators are vigilant and believe the safety of our students and staff is paramount. Additionally, the Bettendorf Community School District has, and continues to, invest in equipment and resources designed to promote campus safety.

Please be mindful of the responsibility each of us has in promoting a safe, supportive school district. We are living in highly sensitive times and there is no place for jokes, humor or unverified rumors about school violence - ever. School threats are unlawful, and such action could result in criminal and/or civil punishment including restitution for the hours spent investigating such matters. Threats or jokes of school violence can result in serious school consequences, including expulsion.

We also ask for immediate reports from anyone who comes across information that may include a potential threat to our school or community.

Thank you again for your help in keeping our schools and community safe.

Mike Raso
Bettendorf Community School District


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