BCSD Employees of the 3rd Quarter

BCSD Employees of the 3rd Quarter

Apr 20, 2018


The Employee of the Quarter Award recognizes Bettendorf Community School District staff members who provide exceptional service to others. Recipients demonstrate commitment to their job and/or school involvement above and beyond expectations.

Michelle Bump

3rd Grade Teacher, Herbert Hoover Elementary

Michelle is an exceptional teacher. She has the most important qualities of a teacher and exhibits them consistently. She accommodates not only the academic needs of her students but also considers the social and emotional factors of learning. Michelle offers daily a sense selflessness, spending many extra hours in her classroom. She is passionate about her work and communicates with students and their parents often which creates a team effort to ensure student progression and success. She quickly adapts to the various learning styles and dynamics of her students. She is a master at explaining concepts and ideas in a manner in which the students understand. Michelle applauds the efforts and progress of her students. For all students, Michelle goes out of her way to provide a loving, nurturing environment where they have opportunities to grow and succeed.


Orchestra Teacher, BCSD Elementary Schools

Graciela has a remarkable ability to orchestrate the programs throughout the year to show off student's growth and also include upper classman. She is passionate about teaching and supporting students as individuals, in small groups and the whole group. She is a great advocate for the arts and looks for solutions to manage concerns.

Graciela demonstrates a growth mindset and has made our music program stronger. She consistently goes above and beyond. We were very fortunate to have Graciela join our team.

Kathy Pickett

5th Grade Teacher, Paul Norton Elementary

Kathy brings out a love of learning in each of her students. She meets them at their level and inspires them to learn and grow. She embraces the students that struggle and works with kids and families in order to help them be successful. She is willing to try new things and see things from different perspectives in order to help a child through difficult times. She cares about her students deeply and their families and goes above and beyond in her job.

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