Upcoming Planetarium Show

Upcoming Planetarium Show

Jan 09, 2018

The planetarium shows are free of charge and begin at 7 pm on Tuesday nights. Seating is limited. Please call the BHS Activities Office at (563) 332-4516 to reserve your seats.


Two Small Pieces of Glass (All Ages)/ - The history of the telescope, how they work and what scientists have

discovered with them.

The Astrology of William Shakespeare (All Ages) - William Shakespeare wrote some of the most famous plays in history. Where did he draw his inspiration and

how did the heavens influence his writing?


Phantom of the Universe (14 - Adult) - What makes up the fundamental particles of the universe? What are we all made of? This show discusses some of the most intriguing questions of the 21st century.


Oasis in Space (All Ages) - This show takes us through the farthest reaches of space to show us how lucky we are to live on our very own oasis in the vast cosmos.

Renaissance (All Ages) - This show takes us back to the beginning of modern science in the time we call the Renaissance.


From Earth to Universe (All Ages) - The newest breakthroughs in astronomy and cosmology taking viewers to the edges of the known universe.

The Works of Walt Whitman (All Ages) - A showcase of the works of the transcendental poet Walt Whitman.

The 65 seat Schaefer Planetarium at Bettendorf High School has been upgraded with a Spitz digital full-dome projection system, replacing a 42-year-old starball system, and more than 40 projectors. The new system has the ability to project immersive 360-degree images and video, using two projectors especially designed for the planetarium dome. The projectors also project motion videos, still photos and text anywhere on the dome. The new system enables the planetarium to project a wider range of topics for classes and public shows.

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