BCSD Employees of the 1st Quarter

BCSD Employees of the 1st Quarter

Nov 01, 2017


The Employee of the Quarter Award recognizes Bettendorf Community School District staff members who provide exceptional service to others. Recipients demonstrate commitment to their job and/or school involvement above and beyond expectations.

Heather Bagby
Library Paraeducator - Mark Twain Elementary

Heather brings sunshine to all! Her enthusiasm and positive attitude are contagious and inspiring. She makes the library a safe and welcoming place for all who enter. She is efficient, organized, and creative. Anyone who has met Heather is immediately impressed by her friendliness and authenticity. It is obvious that she loves people and life! Heather has a great sense of humor, and it’s impossible not to be happy in her presence. Her strong work ethic, flexibility, and eagerness to help out wherever she is needed make her an absolute joy as a team member. Heather is a constant encourager as well; she has been known to send out a “Woot-woot” often to celebrate others’ accomplishments, and she helps all of us to look at the bright side of any situation.

Marianne Long & Jason Hamann
Special Education Paraeducator & Teacher - Bettendorf High School

Marianne and Jason work with a variety of students and both go above and beyond to provide a safe, supportive and caring environment for all. They are innovative and creative in meeting the needs of students and their level of patience is beyond measure. Our students and families are fortunate to have staff members who want their students to have the quality experience they want for their own children.

Carol Harris Leingang
Nurse - Grant Wood Elementary

Carol is an excellent employee of the Bettendorf School District. She communicates so well with the students, staff and families with the intention of providing the best possible learning environment for all. Carol does not hesitate to do what is best for kids. She has extended her reach beyond nursing as she is our Student Council leader. Carol has supported the District by providing leadership in many areas including the safe snack list. She is a great team player who does an outstanding job of balancing many responsibilities inside and outside of school and does so with a positive mindset. We value Carol each and every day.

Sherry McComb
Special Education Paraeducator - Paul Norton Elementary

Sherry McCombs consistently goes above and beyond in her work with students and staff. She genuinely cares for every student with whom she works and that is evident each and every day. Her positive demeanor and attitude are things that are not only appreciated, but are contagious.

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