Enrollment Data

Information about our students including number of students, certified enrollment, open enrollment, ethnicity, and Free & Reduced qualifying.

Department of Education - Education Statistics

District Enrollment

Students served in the Bettendorf Community School District


Enrollment by School - 2016-2017

Bettendorf High School 1,530 Bettendorf Middle School 1,128
Grant Wood Elementary 367 Herbert Hoover Elementary 437
Mark Twain Elementary 302 Neil Armstrong Elementary 297
Paul Norton Elementary 451 Thomas Jefferson Elementary 157

Enrollment by Grade - 2016-2017

Students in private preschools - 211

Preschool (in District) 73 6th Grade 376 9th Grade 415
Kindergarten 298 7th Grade 368 10th Grade 391
1st Grade 333 8th Grade 384 11th Grade 360
2nd Grade 327 12th Grade 364
3rd Grade 330
4th Grade 308
5th Grade 342

Certified Enrollment

Certified Enrollment is an annual report of enrolled resident students used for the Iowa School Finance Formula calculation.


Open Enrollment

Open Enrolled In

Students who reside in another Iowa public school district and opt to attend Bettendorf CSD schools.

Open Enrolled Out

Students who reside Bettendorf CSD boundaries who opt to attend another Iowa public school district.


District Ethnicity

Count includes preschool students being served by private providers. 2016-2017 Data


Free & Reduced

Families that meet income eligibility are able to receive free or reduced school meals and fee assistance.