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Dotson Selected as Assoc. Dir. of Curriculum and Special Services

Jillian Dotson has been selected as the Bettendorf Community School District Associate Director of Curriculum & Special Services beginning with the 2018-2019 school year.

Discussion/Vote to Close Thomas Jefferson to be on August 6 Bettendorf Board Agenda

Superintendent Mike Raso is proposing a consolidation of Thomas Jefferson Elementary with the new Mark Twain Elementary and to sell the Thomas Jefferson Elementary property.

Mesick Working with US Army Corps of Engineers

Spencer Mesick, life science teacher at BHS is spending six weeks expanding his STEM careers and job skills knowledge at US Army Corps of Engineers.

BMS National History Day Trivia Night - Oct. 6

​Come show off your smarts at BMS Trivia Night on Oct. 6 at 7 pm at the Knights of Columbus.

Bulldog Booster All Purpose & Football Passes

The Bulldog Booster All Purpose & Football Passes for parents and community members are now available to purchase for the 2018-2019 school year.

Looking for School Improvement Advisory Committee Members

The district is looking for representatives to serve on the BCSD School Improvement Advisory Committee – community members, staff, students, and parents.

Board Approves Consolidation of TJ with MT

Directors approved a motion to close Thomas Jefferson Elementary and consolidate the students of Thomas Jefferson Elementary with Mark Twain Elementary.

Superintendent Message Re. TJ & MT Consolidation

Superintendent Raso letter to parents, staff and community regarding the consolidation of Thomas Jefferson and Mark Twain Elementary Schools.